Erik Sargent

Introducing XCReindent

I have noticed recently that I spent a lot of time breaking large Swift functions onto multiple lines to make them more readable. It has become enought time that I decided it was time to automate the process.

So today I'm introducing a new app, XCReindent. XCReindent is a really simple Xcode extension that adds the ability to expand Swift functions easily and quickly onto multiple lines. To make it even faster, Xcode lets you assign extension commands to keyboard shortcuts. I personally like using ^⌥E as the trigger to very quickly expand a function onto multiple lines.

This app has already saved me a bunch of time, and I know it will continue to do so. I'm releasing this on the app store with the hope that it will save others time as well and help make their code mroe readable. I'm sure there's things it doens't indent correctly still, but it will be very easy to update and improve the indentation system and make it smarter over time.

Check it out at the App Store! WideScreenshot

Published on 12/5/21
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