Erik Sargent

Update 1.1

I'm releasing version 1.1 of Scoreo for iOS and Mac today. The update includes:

  • Added multi-window support – open your graphs in split view on iPad
  • Added a "Play Again" feature – Hold on a game on the main view and choose "Play Again" to copy the game and the players
  • Cleaned up the Mac menu bar

I'm really excited about the multi-window and menu bar changes. It makes the app feel much closer to a native Mac app. Those changes also improve the experience on an iPad. It's really easy to open the graphs in a separate window and open it in slide over or split view on the iPad.

These changes also set the app up nicely for adding support for handoff, I think that will be the next technology I try to add to the application. I think the foundation is set to make supporting it really easy.

I think the "Play Again" feature will be really useful. While updating the app to work better on Mac I was experimenting with context menus in SwiftUI. They are much easier than they used to be, and they add a lot of power to both the iOS and Mac apps. Play Again seemed really natural to add while adding the context menus.

I'm excited about today's update. It makes the Mac app behave much more like a native Mac app, and makes the iPad app much more powerful.

Published on 5/15/20
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